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About Dublano

Born on the outskirts of Chicago in Waukegan, IL raised in Vegas, even as a child Dublano was defying the odds and redefining his destiny. After numerous seizures plagued him in his youth and even sent him into a coma Dublano recovered but was left wit ha serious speech impediment. His difficulties with speech and the absence of his father left him feeling alienated, and alone like no one could hear or understand him. His difficulties with communication really took a toll on how he interacted with the world around him. At age 10 Dublano found love and rehabilitation for his handicap in his love for music. At age 11 Dublano joined Celine Dion on stage and performed in from of a sold-out concert at Caesars palace and Thomas & Mack on her “let’s talk about love” tour. Coming from a life of heart ache Dublano found his identity as the HipHopHeartist. Inspired by the lyrical styles of Common, Kanye West and LL Cool J, Dublano reinvents the artistry of hip hop as he comes on the scene with a desire to make timeless music unlike the hip hop world has ever seen. Driven by a passion for hip hop.

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